Thursday, 17 April 2008

Black and white twins

Hello everybody...its about 2.30 here...still printing my SRS, SDD, SDP, STD, and STR...all those report are for software engineering requirement. I thought i'm dead because of these report. Each of the report about 80 until 100 pages and can you imagine? when you compiled it all together..about 500 novel oh...i'm really tired with my course to be honest lah. I did my diploma in computer science and i had plenty of time to enjoy. But since my i started my degree last year (will be be finished by the end of this year)..i'm busy and have no time to "jalan-jalan".
Anywhere guys, actually what i want to share in this post is about.....................please read it...

LOL!! unbelievable ....easy to recognize which one "aminah" and which one "fatimah"!!

A mixed-race British mom, Kylie Hodgson, gave birth in 2005 to twins, one of each. No, not a boy and a girl. Two girls — one black, the other white. The odds of such a birth are about a million to one, experts said. Although occurrences of this nature sometimes occur when a woman conceives twins fathered by two different men, this was a much rarer case in which a single pairing produced twins with distinctly different physical attributes (e.g., skin tone, hair color, eye color) rather than a blending of their parents' characteristics.


mandy said...

so mch miracle happen nowadays.. huh! ahakz

Kos Serani said...

wow wow wow so amazing...god creation

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