Friday, 18 April 2008

Incredible Human Sculptures

Hello....everybody..i've canceled my trip to Penang today because of some problems. Anywhere friends..i hate to talk about it. It was hurt me so much...let me share you something about sculpture. Before this, i post was about paintings rite? do you still remember? yeah...i hope so. Now about sculpture (ukiran). The sculptures had been made by Ron Mueck London based photo realistic but born in Melbourne.

Look at the picture...its look so real.
Antara seni ukiran tanah liat yang paling mahal.

What a scary Sculpture?
kalau malam2 ukiran tanah liat nie bejalan...mampus lah

What a wonderful baby? tanah liat baby?? LOL!


simpleyesa said...

OMG! it's so realistic. Is this for real?

Andrik McVean said... realistic...wonderful is isn't?

mandy said...

huhuuu baby boy aarr.... so cute ahakz lol terbyg2 si andrik tme baby... got pic ka andrik.. let me c ur baby pic... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;)

Andrik McVean said...

yeah got i've got pic...i'm so cute when i was 6!!

mandy said...

share wit me :))))) ahakz

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