Monday, 14 April 2008

The pool has been closed

The result...jeng..jeng...jeng...gone to Faisal!!!!Based on survey has been made, 18 (which is 66%)of my readers said faisal should be eliminated in the fourth concert of AF, another 4 persons choose Saida should be eliminated. 2 readers choose stacy and another 2 readers again choose stanly. Next voters chooses nadia.
Faisal was eliminated last sunday (in concert 4).

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eedany said...

wah... my tekaan betul oh.

ko kena belanja sia big apple donut ni andrik.

ni kali, ko tinguk ar... si saida tu. Tapi susah juga mengkali habis Dato K pun berabis Afundi...huhuhu.


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