Monday, 21 April 2008

Sexy bums!

Mmmmm...yummmyyy....whatever you call them...still yummy..peoples called it
1. Bum
2. But
3. Hump
4. Buttock
Any other names?
What ever.....they all are the bomb!!!

Reno...which one do you prefer??? LOL!!!


mandy said...

sexier???? eheheheee tet tet tet ;p

ReNo said...

uiiiii? mati juga! nama sy lg tu? macam 'sex-maniac' plak sy nnt o... hahaha. tapi hmm, yang mana satu pilihan kalbu ah andrik? :P

eedany said...

if im a man, i like the tonggek-tonggek one!

sexy bah!


WhoIsMarc? said...

wish my gf had bums like that.better ask her to their workouts :p

nice pic btw ^_^

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