Thursday, 3 April 2008

Something you have to know today

Do you really understand what is behind the word FAMILY?
It gives me a shock when I know the answer.
So long I never realize I don't know the real meaning of FAMILY.....
Here Is The Answer..........

Why does a man want to have WIFE?

Why does a woman want to have a
HUSBAND? Because:

Do you know that a simple
HELLO can be a sweet one?
Especially from your love one. (I mean not only from the boyfriend/girlfriend).
The word HELLO means:
(H)ow are you?
(E)verything all right?
(L)ike to hear from you
(L)ove to see you soon!
(O)bviously, I miss you ..

What do you think?? drop me your comment..correct or not??

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