Thursday, 17 April 2008

The power of A4 paper

OK..OK...still awake...and i'm sure you all already gone off to bed. Just take your time for a minutes and look at this creative they were used the A4 paper and create a very creative model. And what is the most interesting is they create all those model with single A4 paper.

A human Skull

A Castle

A bird

Door? is it?

what is this??


mandy said...

huhu.. wut s dat??? rumah api??? menara ??? wuteva.. i lov dat mch nge2

Kos Serani said...

Andrik...why I cant chatting at ur chatting box? there is ni box for me to type message....Y?

TQ...for leave message in our chatting box...PEACE

Andrik McVean said...

no problem with the chatting box...maybe you have to try to refresh the window first...

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