Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Don't play with me!!!

Hello guys are you all? i hope everything is fine. I will go off to bed in few minutes but before that..let me share you this picture. It was happened in Australia when the guy was making documentary about crocodile.

See..the crocodile, the guy is pointing to the crocodile with his finger

At the same time the guy looking at the camera.

Ngap...hahahahaha!!! Lucky you, otherwise you will be his dessert for lunch.


Vannie said...

hahaha good thing he was able to get away!

sapphire blu said...

very nice pix especially the bus ones. will be here again. take care

mandy said...

akakkakakaaa kejot berok aarr lol

eedany said...

wakakaka... may be this guy kepunan oh.

urang tua bilang, kalau kepunan itu boya suka mo geget.

palis2 jauh kan andrik? :)

Andrik McVean said...

kepunan telur buaya bai tuh kan??

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