Saturday, 19 April 2008

A very sad story.......

She was deeply in love with a boy, but one day
he left her...she was standing in the rain

he left her.....he left her alone
she couldn't believe, she did nothing bad
why? why?

but she loved him with all of her heart
day by day she stayed in her bed

she cried and she didn't say any word, everyday the same......

3 years later..........
She still don't speak, her heart is still crying

The pain did not waste, she was searching for him
Yesterday she found him, he was dead, yes he died
He died 3 years ago...because he had cancer

That was the reason
He left her because he knew he will die
There was no longer a reason for her to live
She wanted to be with him
She was sitting at his grave

A red t-shirt
Red roses on her left hand

A knife on her right hand
After more than 3 years separated
Now they can be together again for ever......


Andrik McVean said... pity...what a very sad story?? but why she killed herself?

jcyboy said...

yeah...why did she killed herself??

bobohizan said...

the story is so sad...but the girl was fool...

mandy said...

evritime i try to fly, i fall... witout my wings, i felt so small, i guess i need u, baby... n, evritme i c u in my dreams, i c ur faces, its hunting me, i guess i need u, baby.... <--- dats y mayb ehekz ;d

ReNo said...

odoiii dogo...talampau juga ba Andrik...hehe

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