Wednesday, 16 April 2008

How many fishes on the picture?

Guys..few weeks ago, i actually created this one program to test your eyes. Come on, come many fishes on the picture? test your eyes and their consistency here.

Drop me here how many fishes on it ........take my challenge, is your eyes consistent and stable enough to detect the fish???


mandy said...

mayb 10 ahahhaa only dat i can C

eedany said...

huhuhu i can't trace any fishes there...

jadi mata sia tia konsisten lah ni kan?


Andrik McVean said...

hahaha...more then 10. And remember each there are 3 types of fishes and each fish more then 3...LOL!!! come on friend

mandy said...

i try evriday andrik.. akakaka i lov dis...

em.. im not sure da name but.. i categrz dat fish wit 1 2 3.

1 = 10
2 = 20
3 = 30

ahahhahhaaaa lol ;p

Andrik McVean said... mandy! next clue...the number of the blue fish is the most, followed by the yellow fish and lastly the grey fish..

mandy said...

my new answer...

blue = 10
yellow = 4
green = 1

akakakkakakakkaa nge2

Andrik McVean said...

the blue is correct: 10
the yellow is almost correct:
the green is not bad but still wrong

mandy said...

k.. me try again... ;)

blue = 10 (as u said ok la correct)
yellow = 3
green = 2

Andrik McVean said...

LOL.....ok..ok next clue.
the yellow is correct
the yellow is wrong...and the yellow is nombor genap
and the green colour also wrong and bilangan actually the green fishes are number ganjil

blue(genap)+yello(genap)+ green (ganjil)= total (ganjil)(less than 20 fishes)....

mandy said...

kakkakkaaa lol

blue = 3
green = 2

wuteva ngeeeeeeeeee ;0

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