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The most dangerous Plague (wabak) in history

Guys...hello everybody??? how are you all? is everything is OK with you? I'm sorry because i said i will update my blog after 5 PM but i didn't. Actually i'm so tired and i need know. I just finished all tests and most of report. However still a few i have to do and summit next week. OMG....i'm tired here.Can't wait everything will finish and i need to go somewhere to release tension. LOL! Anywhere i would like to share something again with you all.

Cholera (1817- today)
Thousands of people around the world killed even though not sure the exact number but Cholera is one of the most dangerous plague (wabak) until today.
Firstly found in India in 19th centuries in Ganges river. A few years later the plague found in Egypt.
Virus: Cholera
P/s: Negara-negara yang kekurangan air menjadi sasaran

Smallpox (430BC -1979)
Kill more than 300 million people especially in America and firstly found in America then found in Europe.
Side effect for survivor: skin scar, blind
Virus: Variola major and Variola minor
P/S: Ala-ala macam chicken pox

AIDS (1981- today)
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome killed more then 25 million people around the world.
Virus: human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
First found in Africa. Said that it from apes (macam monyet lah) in Africa
P/S: Penawar masih belum dijumpai

Spanish flu (1918-1919)
Killed 50 to 100 million people around the world in less then 2 years.
First found in America (not so sure) and symptoms are usual sore throat, headaches and fever.
P/S: Penawar masih belum dijumpai

Malaria (1600- today)
Killed about 2 million people per year. It's parasites are transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. The parasites multiply within red blood cells, causing symptoms that include symptoms of anemia.
Symptoms are fever, chills, nausea, flu-like illness, and in severe cases, coma and death.
First found in Asia.
P/S: negara yang banyak hutan hujan tropika

Black death (1340-1771)
Kiled 75 million around the world. It began in South-western or Central Asia and spread to Europe by the late 1340s.
Most victims died within four to seven days after infection. The fastest plague killer.
Symptoms are fever of 38 - 41 °C (101-105 °F), headaches, painful aching joints, nausea and vomiting, and a general feeling of malaise.

Typhus (430 BC - today)
Firstly found in Italy. Typhus is any one of several similar diseases caused by louse-borne bacteria. The name comes from the Greek typhos, meaning smoky or lazy, describing the state of mind of those affected with typhus. Rickettsia is endemic in rodent hosts, including mice and rats, and spreads to humans through mites, fleas and body lice. Symptoms are feeling lazy or smoky.

P/S: In whatever situation health come first.


jcyboy said...

Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! scary me....

mandy said...

wabak denggi... sabah oso berisiko tinggi dan kerajaan telahpun berusaha dlm menangani ancaman wabak tersebut tapi rakyat kita juga perlu bersama2 membantu. jaga kebersihan.

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