Friday, 4 April 2008

Theories of Bermuda Triangle

Do you know Bermuda Triangle is very popular? why? because no one researcher successfully prove the disappearance of ships and plan in this area. And another strange thing is any ships that sink in this area never found until today. The last tragedy was in 1997, there were passengers disappeared from German yacht.

I did research 2 weeks about this and i've read lots of articles about this..actually i started to read any articles about Bermuda when i was 15 years old, but never take too serious. I've found that some of the theories were not relevant. Some of the theories were so funny..hell....anywhere here i listed down the relevant and "suck" theories about Bermuda Triangle.

The relevant theories of disappearance of ships and plane

1. The disappearance of ships and plane because of weather such as waterspouts and freak waves. waterspouts is tornadoes that cause huge water cyclone that can be hazardous to plane and ship. Some freak waves could be until 100 feet and could easily sink the ships.

2. The Bermuda has some deepest trenches which can sink ships by their whirlpools (air yang berpusar..i don't know what is that in malay).

3. The time warp is not known until today because nobody dare to enter that area (takut hilang lah nie)

4. There are quicksand (pasir yang mau makan urang mangkali) that could cause of disappearance.

5. There are huge/ giant whirlpools that suck in everything include plane and ships.

6. That area is a magnetic center of the world and every compass will be malfunction once entered that area.

And here are considerable theories

1. Some researcher believe that area is a collecting stations where aliens take our peoples, ships, plane and other object beck to their planet for studies or research.

2. There is black hole (lohong hitam) there cause the object sent to another dimension (kena send zaman jahilliliah padan muka).

3. Some believe Bermuda is another world in the world and undiscovered by human intelligence

4. There are live bombs under the ocean from past wars. The bombs explode cause the ships sink.

Not relevant theories

1. There are sea monsters sink the ships.

2. Peoples on the boats sailed off to an island and decided to spend their lives at there.

3. There are magic crystals left from the time and that magic cause the ships sink.

4. There are serpent (ular naga)..under the ocean and they all are very hungry.

Until now, no one knows the mysterious occurrence in Bermuda Tringle.

Andrik's Theories: All mysterious occurence in Bermuda Tringle was just confidence (kebetulan)


Raft3R said...

i have always been intrigued by the bermuda triangle, even as a kid
thanks 4 the cool info

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Andrik McVean said...

yeah...very interesting story of Bermuda triangle

Raft3R said...

you're linked, buddy.

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