Monday, 14 April 2008

Where did i gone??

OMG!!! where did i gone last few days? It was really worst time ...the "java programming" tied me infront of my PC. Goshh!!!! I didn't sleep for almost 72 hours now. I just summited my report (250 pages..damn crazy!!). Actually i just can see my blog one a day and i saw all the msg but i don't have tome to reply. You bedroom so, so, so messy and i just made it tidy (LOL!)..yeah..i'm serious. all want to see what i've done with my java programming?? On Wednesday had viva presentation. OK..OK.....look at my java game..very intresting. Now my pimple is breaking.....arghhh.....i have to rest for 2 days..So...ladies and gentlemen the name i've finished created a java game called "JALAGA SPACE SHOOT!!" (sambil pinggul digoyang-goyangkan) game (created used java programming language)

Yeah...come on..the battle is begin

Shoot the alien ships!!

I'm the creator of this metter how many aliens..i still could win...(because i will change the source code..LOL)

P/s: Now i'm learning how to create game with C++. I've done JavaScript before and Java.


mandy said...

wawawaaa andrik.. wen can we start play d games.. wana try la.. ekekekeekekkkkeeeee ;)))

Andrik McVean said... problem.

mandy said...

me wait2 aarr... ingat zaman skulah2 dulu.. men spacegames smpi pagi... skit gagal tu exam muaahahaaa lol ;p

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