Wednesday, 9 April 2008

World's Most Creative Buildings

Ah...ha....just now i tut..tut..tut browse something and google something....suddenly i found this one...very interesting. These buildings are very beautiful and creative though! Wonder how a bit pun ada. Anywhere, actually I was "google-ing" about mashroom building just now but I found others. So have a break from your task and spend your time with this article. And don't forget to drop your comment and tell me which one the most creative among them ya..

The Piano House (China)
Founder: I don't know
Completed Date: I don't know
Cost: I don't know

Kansas City Library (United states)
Founder: I don't know
Completed Date: I don't know
Cost: I don't know

The Crooked House (Poland)
Founder: Szotynscy Zaleski
Completed date: 2004
Cost:I don't know

The Dancing House (Drunk house- Czech Republic)
Founder: Valdo Milunic and Frenk Gehry
Completed Date: 1996
Cost: Hidden

The Basket Building (United States)
Dave Longaberger
Completed date: DEC 1997
Cost: Appox. USD 30 millions

I'm still searching (google-ing) some of info about the building. So friend...tell me which one do you like among them..LOL! My choice is the piano house.


JcyBoy said...

my choice would be the basket building

stranger said...

me?? of course the piano house

bobohizan said...

i love the The Crooked House...wish i could build home like that one day

dogoes said...

aiiittt sama pula kita ni Bobohizan, sy pun suka tu Crooked house hahaha entah mcam mana lah tu dapur, lantai, toilet, bedroom dia kan hahahaha

Asalkan inda jalan miring2 sudahlah

mandy said...

akkakaa da lama tak c dis beautiful buildings. andrik.. yg macam kasut dan epel tu xda ka???? wut an amazing thngs dey done!!!!

mandy said...

i lov kansas city library ;)

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