Friday, 18 April 2008

Smallest Works of Art on Earth

Willard Wigan was born in Birmingham, England in 1957 and is the creator of the smallest works of art on earth. From being a traumatised and unrecognised dyslexic child, he is now emerging as the most globally celebrated micro-miniaturist of all time and is literally capable of turning a spec of dust into a vision of true beauty. Willard can create a masterpiece within the eye of a tiny sewing needle, on the head of a pin, the tip of an eyelash or a grain of sand. Some are many times smaller than the fullstop at the end of this sentence.

Fuhhhh....what a small art??


To create this art you need high resolution of lens..
kalau setakat kanta pembesar di makmal skolah...sorry!!!


mandy said...

huhu i lve dis.... but, hw gog kaler in dat small arts aarr????

?????????????? tell me plz ;)

Andrik McVean said...

the used lens with very high resolution like microscope..

mandy said...

uhuks.. can close up mre ka???

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