Friday, 30 May 2008

Beaches in Penang are some of my photos on the beach. I have hundreds on my hard disk again...but here is some of them...heheh..can't post them all...otherwise you all will get bored. Ok..ok...i want to sleep now....i have to go somewhere tmrow. I need rest...

Looks wonderful...the sunset..

the beach....wah...lovely..


peaceful place...

wonderful....wonderful...wonderful beach...hehhehe

"Life is too must enjoy yourlife"


shimumsy said...

hi, the only penang here is a restaurant, lol, hope one day i would be able to see your beautiful beaches.
happy weekend.

eedany said...

andrik.. memang cantik! Lain kali sia mo pigi lah!

dari KK buli ikut AirAsia direct pi penang... murah jak. Alalala.. nda sabar oh!


shema said...

cantik la..mmg cntik..terase nk g gak...rjin ko bjln2 ek andrik...dh x bz lps kuar komander ek...huahuahua

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