Saturday, 10 May 2008

Wonderful trees

Hello guys, here we go again with another wonderful origamis. For your information, I've just finished my MUET exam at SMK sek. 7 this morning. Fugh!!! i'm so and really tired you know. Something happened to me today. You know what? after finished the exam, i called taxi (uncle Jamal), and he said i can't take me because he have to go somewhere. Oh..shit!! I was so nervous. Of course lah, because I don't know what to do next. Actually it was my second time been there (first time was last week for speaking test). And i know there is no bus stop to catch taxi. No friend to lodge with, no that, no this,! Lastly i decided to walk about 1.5 KM to find where is the main road. Gezzzz!!!!! Anywhere guys, that is not the main thing, what i want you to see today is these "tuttttt".

Guess...what are they doing?

Wonderful rite? what do you think?

Wah...what a wonderful tree? A Fat tree??

And this? also beautiful rite?

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