Saturday, 10 May 2008

Beautiful Origamis

Ok..ok..before i want to off to my bed, let me post one more thing. I'm very sleepy actually and I really want to sleep. I don't know why, even though i had my enough sleep last night but i still feel sleepy. Maybe because the MUET questions very difficult. To be honest....the comprehension part and writing parts is difficult. Not all but some of the questions. Gosh!!! I don't know what to say..i want to forget it and i want to sleep later and wake up to continue my revision (one more chapter). And then...tomorrow is my final paper and yeah.....on Monday i will leaving shah alam. Can't wait to get out of Shah alam...what a boring place here. and study .......Horrible life. So here you go guys....

Is this people riding the horse?


i know this but but is this in English?

And i don't know what is this but looks interesting knight...LOL!

And my ....guess what?

Uch...dragon...very creative

Mmmm....who is this?


1 comment:

Big Eyed Gal said...

Hey there! Just doing my rounds. Hope all is well.

I like the dragon! :-)

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