Saturday, 10 May 2008

Happy Mother's day

While I'm still busy with my final exam (will end 5.15 pm today), my friend sent me a text and said today is mother's day and he wanted me to post something about mother's day on my blog. So here is my post about mother's day. I wish happy mother's day to all mothers around the world especially my mom in Sabah with a message "mami sia rindu sama ko" (I miss you mummy) and i really wish i could be with you at this moment and kiss your cheek. Ok...have to go now and my next post of course about AF. See you again ya...

How much I love you I can't say:
It's more than words can hold.
You're all at once my rich, red clay,
My potter and my mold.

Yours the words that shaped my voice,
The spirit within mine.
Yours the will that shaped my choice,
My fortune, and my sign.

How lucky I was to have had you
At the core of me!
Wise and good, you always knew
Just what I could be.

And so I came to be someone
Whom I could be proud of.
For this I give my swollen sum
Of gratitude and love.

By Turlough O'Carolan

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