Saturday, 17 May 2008

My vacation with a wonderful dinner let me start in the E&O hotel in penang. My vacation with a wonderful dinner and very georges food. Let me start with soup. Ok guys i don't know the name of the menu @ food or whatever....but i know they were very delicious. Yummmy...wah terlebih sudah. Luckly there is gym here, otherwise i will getting fat and fat and cute. LOL! No lah....but i still can go to the beach every evening and have a joging and went to the gym and also went to the pool. So...ok lah. Ok..ok...stop here and let me upload my pictures here ok..

So...this is soup. Ntah..what is the name. Not important.

OMG...i wish i could eat this one tonight. Fish with the very yummy "kuah"

And this is samon fish. LOL!! mahal kunun nie. Yeah very expensive

Wow...and this one..what?? ntah i don't know what...but something you can eat lah.

And...chuttt...look at that. I swear i didn't eat ut just took it because of the decoration. Inda sedap pun.

So...that night i spent RM 90++, for dinner. For more info plz go to E&O hotel penang. Don't play, play very expensive...i'm very lucky because i got membership card. So...i got 50% discount.

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jcyboy said...

wow...very expensive...mmm...i love your samon fish...i know it is very expensive.

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