Saturday, 17 May 2008

Let me start my vacation from LCCT

Hello guys, hopefully is going well. Once more i'm in starbucks. Now updating my blog. Ok...ok...i better quick, otherwise i will stuck here (gonna rain). Ops...before that i'm still in Penang and hopefully tommrow i will be back to KL.To be honest, i actually really tired because "tuuutttttt". Actually banyak sangat bejalan bah. That is why i'm tired and my skin burned by the sun and i look darker now. Hahahaha...but i don't want to post my face photo here, otherwise you all will laugh at me. So...jeng3x. Only food, my very favourite. Heheh...let me start from LCCT. But one flight suppose at 11 o'clock but the flight was canceled and i have to take the 1.40 pm flight. Gosh........i have to wait almost 5 hours in the airpost. Thats S**T.
Wow...Alonso's sport car?

Ok...let me start with this sport car.

wow....i wish i could drive this car, someday.

Airasia, bought or brought?

mmmm....not bad lah.

1 comment:

jcyboy said...

wow...the sport car is very fantastic...

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