Thursday, 8 May 2008

Yes....I'm still busy

Ok..ok guys...did you notice i've changed my template? I hope so, if you don't means you are sleeping. Wake up!! I'm writing about 2.30 am in front of my PC. After So tired with my books + notes, I don't know why suddenly i want to change my template. Maybe bored with it? Yeah, I think so. So here are some of my pictures before change my template....

Yeah thats my note...have to read it otherwise i couldn't score for the paper

Again my notes with my book and a pen. LOL!

IT project Management the title of the book, keluar nanti jadi software engineer or project Manager...hahahaah

Yeah...that is my ticket. Not to balik Sabah ah...Go to Penang. From Penang I wish I could go to Langkawi and Kedah...

I really regret bought this ticket actually. Why? Because couple of days after I bought this ticket, MAS launched their RM0 promotion. Shit!! Maybe will go back to Sabah but by the end of Jun.

Shortly: I'm Still Busy until 11 of May

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