Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wonderful lunch at Lone Pine Hotel

Last week i went to Penang and I had my wonderful launch at Lone Pine hotel. Just want to try something new. To be honest i never try claypot before. So that time, i went to Lone Pine hotel and i choose ala carte instead of buffet. She gave me that list of menu and i took almost 20 mins to choose the menu. Of course, rice is my first choice but what next? Eat rice with what? Lastly i found this very claypot, very familiar but never try this before. So "X'kius me"...the waitress is coming and i said "may i have chicken claypot with vegetables please". She replied "sure sir". You need anymore sir?...mmmmm yes may i have vegetables salad and a glass of plain water please. Thank you sir.
Salad and Vegetables...not so good.
RM 16

If you fill hungry I'm sure you won't satisfy

Wow...very, very wonderful. The taste like you are in heaven, even though i never to heaven.

RM 18. Not so expansive and of course not cheap

White Rice RM 1

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