Sunday, 25 May 2008

Ulasan AF6 konsert 9 (Final) - First round-

First of all congratulation to all finalists and also to the winner. Congratulation to Stacy and i really hope she will be more successful under Meastro. What ever it is....AF 6 has been closed and AC announced the winner last night was Stacy. Very...very powerful performance from her and she really deserve to get the crown. After four sessions (excluded first session), lastly a girl named Stacy of the land below the wind (Sabah) crowned as winner. I'm very sure all Malaysian especially Sabahan really proud of her. After Linda AF2, Felix AF3, Lotter AF4 and Ebi AF5 failed to be crown as winner, last night stacy AF6 proved to all Sabahan Astro actually is not bias. Lastly Stacy closed all sabahan especially those who said Astro is being bias to all sabahan students. Anywhere here are some of my comments about last night performances.

Just OK performance from him. Not so bad and not so good. Just OK. In the part chorus, he sang the song not so clear and i can't hear what he pronounced. However, he improved so much last night compared to the previous week. Vocally still OK and his movement i have to agree with "kak ogy", a bit controlled. Adlin was SHIT. I think Toi did it well and not so bad but he blamed Toi so much. It was really unfair. When AC announced Adlin's name, I just can said "Oh shit this bloody guy". Overall, still good.
Score: 7.4/10

I'm sorry to say, the song was really shit and bored, especially at the beginning of the song. Riz doesn't suit with the song and the music arrangement. But vocally, of course very well. I don't know what to comment, what can i say....the song really shit and totally F**K. I know Riz can do better than that. Because of the shit song, he sang the song deadly. Really boring.....Ohhh....Gosh....He improved in chorus part but it was too late for me. But i still respect his vocal, very good.
Score: 7.8/10

His Pronunciation not clear and i noticed last night he pushed hes vocal too much and was trying too hard. His low note a bit bad and in the part chorus he pushed so much. His performance a bit bored actually, just like Riz's performance. However, it was a very good opening but Adlin still "shit" nubhan over. Adlin was unfair last night, especially when he tried to make comparison between students.
Score: 7.5/10

Wow...meletops....I really adore her first performance last night. It was good and very powerful performance. However, I don't like the way she sang the song because she pushed too much. Still a wonderful performance and her pronunciation also very clear. Good...good and i love it.
Score: 8.5/10

Stacy sad song. I like the stage designed for her and i like the drama at the back. I love everything and i love every moment of her performance. Lengok suara pun boleh tahan. Stacy proved to Malaysians she is a versitile entertainer last night.I can't comment because everything is perfect.
Score: 9/10

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