Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ulasan AF6 konsert 8

Ok..guys. To be honest i didn't watch the concert because i got paper tomorrow and i have to struggle for it since ITS510 is my last paper. However, i still can see it from youtube. Very fast!!! Yeah very fast actually, the concert was finished at 11 PM and i started browsed it at 11.20. Surprisingly, there were 4 videos uploaded. happy, and now while i'm resting plus watching the video, i also eating my chocolate taken from seksyen 8. Yummmyyy...I love this chocolate. Anywhere a bit surprise when i know there was no elimination in 8th concert. Anywhere...let me start my comment randomly.

To be honest, it was the worst performance by from him so far. Really...that is my opinion. at the lower part, he can't sing and a bit "sumbang" sometimes. And another one at the high part, he almost can't hit it. Pity him, because he is not versitile enough for this song.
Score: 4.5/10

Nadia is nadia's turn. It was just ok performance from nadia last night but...i really, really don't like her vocal. I mean for last night. You know why? because she pushed very hard her voice last night. Don't you think so? Well...up to you...but even Ning also sounded nadia last night about the way she carry his vocal. However, i enjoy her performance.
Score: 6/10

Now nubhan, this guy sang sumbang last night. Mmmm..everything hancus, and really hancus. I don't know, after last week he sang my fav song, i thought last night he will one more time open my eyes. But? NO!!! he closed my eyes with his bored vocal and bored face expression. Mmmm.....nothing special with him. The uniqueness has gone.
Score: 4.8/10

Stacy!! really supper this little girl. I really adore her performance last night. To be honest i don't like farah's song (for this one), but after saw her perform last opened my eyes again. Gosh...I can't find slack in her performance. She can sings with the dance. Really superstacy. Some of malaysian singers now days can sing without dance, but....when sing + dance = "vocal hancus". But stacy?? still perfect.
Score: 9/10

Stanly this guy. Stanly..he looks enjoy with the song. Yeah thats rite. But i still don't like the way he "carry" his voice. He looks sleepy and he is swallowed the word. As a result, the word doesn't pronounce clearly. And you know that is really bad if you want to be a singer.
Score: 6/10

For me it was OK performance. Happening, and he still can sings even though with the dance. Not so bad .
Score: 7/10

However guys, Here are the "AFundi" before and after concert. O shit!!! i really hope nadia will out. Astro just a bull shit. You know? Because nadia the last in rank after concert astro said "tiada penyingkiran"..FUCK astro...

Before Concert

Stacy 21%
Riz 18%
Nadia 15 %
Toi 15%
Nubhan 15%

After concert

Nubhan 19%
Riz 19%
Stacy 18%
Stanly 16%
Toi 16%
Nadia 13%


Kos Serani said...

masih ada lagi undi simpati, aku mcm dah malas tengok AF ni, bila Nubhan nangis...dan kuar kat mr.manager blog...aku dah bagi komen yg tangisan begitu might be make people pityhim and his vote goes up. It's really happen...biarpun dia nyanyi sumbang. Riz pun dapat undi simpati hanya kerana dia nyanyi sumbang dan kena kritik teruk mlm hasilnya, votenya naik tempat kedua walau sebelum ni dia tidak pernah dapt kedudukan sebegitu selepas konsert.Maaf aku cakap org kita yg mcm ni undi buat tahap seni kita semakin memualkan dan memalukan.Riz memang suara bagus, tapi dia nyanyi X masuk suara dia dgn nada music...bila part choru pun pancit...aku suka suara dia but he should take challange n dont make blame the song is not his fav or genre

Andrik McVean said...

yes...i do agree with you...

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