Sunday, 18 May 2008

Ulasan AF6 konsert 9 we go again friends. Last night we've seen one more student was eliminated. But what do you think? do you think he suppose to be eliminated? or another student? In my opinion his performance not so good last night but based on weekly performance. Toi should be eliminated. But if based on last night performance, yes stanly should be elimated. Based on my rank stanly is the lowest. Well.....when "jari menjadi juri", this is what happened. Always "kejutan". Anywhere guys, here are some of my comments about last night's performance....

First performer was stacy last night. be honest i don't agree some of the juries..yeah really...especially Ogy.I prefered adlin and Ning's opinios. In my opinion, stacy did her performance very well even though she have to sing + dance + with the very difficult english pronunciation but she still managed it very well. Compared to last week performance maybe last night's performance a bit down, but doesn't metter because her performance still entertaining, happening and i really enjoy her performance. I agreed with adlin stacy's song is the most difficult but she still can managed it nicely.
Score: 8.2/10

Ok...not Toi's performance. my opinion he sang the song nicely last night even though his voice still a bit hard but no problem. I forgive him. What the nice thing is he hitted the high note clearly and he improved so much last night. But his radiation "masih keras lah"...doesn't sound smooth. Maybe his performance a bit bored but one thing i can say is vocally he improved so much last night.
Score: 7.5/10

Now is stanly's turn. In my opinion is he did it just ok last night. Not so bad....just ok. But one one think i noticed last night is about his vocal. His vocal much better and sound clearly and seems like he dosen't swallow the word. Maybe "adalah...but sikit jah". But in the chorus part, dosen't sound very clear and his vocal a bit "drawned" by the music. Some of the comments from juries seem like protest him. Very pity at him. Entirely, just OK performance.
Score: 7.2/10

Next is nadia. As usual, vocally powerful but there were some parts she shouting and dosen't sound smooth. Her performance was good last night but...actually to be honest her vocal is not versatile enough lah. To be honest i like her vocal but after i heard her vocal with the same pattern, i feel bored and it dosen't sound interesting anymore. But overall, yes it was a good performance. But since the nadia's pattern to sing just similar, i get bored.
Score: 8/10

Riz...Riz.......i really wonder why so many girls shout his name and "memangil mangil nama riz", like they can breath. Is really Riz handsome? OMG...i'm sorry to say, but he just ok but he is not attractive enough. Ops.....alamak terlebih suda. about his performance? In my opinion he really not suit with rock songs. Ballada songs...yes...he could eat easily. But "lagu2 yang rancak nie he totally fail lah" sorry to said. It was proven....last night perfromance and last week performance was really bored and "kemerduan suara dia hilang". But..maybe last night performance was better than last week, but still "bukan tahap yang diharapkan". I have to agree with afdlin rock come form your heart, not just singing. But what i can say still a happening performance.
Score: 7.6/10

Mmmm...what a very unique vocal from him? yes...really..i lke her perfromance. Even though "ada sedikit terkucir" but not a big problem. I still can forgive it and really love his performance. I can say very touching me, I mean his vocal and the way he sang the song. I really beat he can nail the song if he polish more on his uniqueness.
Score: 7.9/10

Official AF votes ranking before the concert:
Stacy 19%
Riz 19%
Nadia 17%
Nubhan 17%
Stanly 14%
Toi 14%

Official AF votes ranking at the close of the concert:
Toi 19%
Stacy 19%
Nubhan 17%
Riz 16%
Nadia 15%
Stanly 14% [eliminated]

Taken from mr.manager blog. Thanks for him.
Very pity, stanly was eliminated last night. So there are five students will perform in the final. So who will be the winner of AF6? Who decide it? You decide it.
I never vote student from first week until 9th week. But for this final konsert i definitely will spend RM 200 to vote. Sure!!!!


eliyashaka said...

TOilet mmg busuk! busuk2 boleh masuk final.. betul ka mau berabis smpi rm200 ni bro..???

Andrik McVean said...

yes....sure will spend vote my fav student

Anonymous said...

berabis la kamu sana sbb fc cni dah bubar..

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