Thursday, 22 May 2008

Current votes of Akademi Fantasia

Hello guys here are the current votes of AF. Since astro didn't display the current votes this week, i'm very sure most of you are asking your rank's of your fav student. Taken from blu here you go guys...

22 of may 2008
stacy- 32%
riz- 29%
nadia- 16%
nubhan- 14%
toi- 9%
20 of may 2008
stacy- 33%
riz- 26%
nadia- 18%
nubhan- 14%
toi- 9%
*Please do vote your fav student*


jcyboy said...

wah....stacy terledih suda...hahaha

eliyashaka said...

stacy!make sabah proud of u!!

Andrik McVean said...

yup...hopefully she will win the title of AF6..

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