Saturday, 17 May 2008

What next? Next please!!!

What next? next is again about the food. LOL. Still with the food. Now very...very exciting me. You know? Actually sy tdk makan pun semua those food. Because i'm too full and since i felt i have to try all types of food, maka dengan itu saya pun just took and rasa sikit. Then "waiter please, can you please ........."...ceh...minta puji suda. Hahaha. Ok lah, yes actually i really loved the food and fancy to eat. Because if i'm in Shah alam...mana ada tempat makan like this kan? kalau ada pun, i cannot get the discount....Ohh...Noooooooooooooooo!!! So that is why i often went to Penang, want to eat in the E&O hotel and get discount mah...
ok...if i not mistaken this is pasta

this one also pasta but the ingredients lain sikit.

Hahaha..yang nie dissert. I love the red jelly.

Same loh..

Lol....i could finish them all. Too much lah. Already full.

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jcyboy said...

what a wonderful dinner you had? gosh....very yummy...did you eat them all? you must be getting fat now..

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