Tuesday, 20 May 2008

My eyes are bigger than my belly

When your eyes bigger than your belly, you will eat, and eat and eat non stop. Yes....really guys, what happened to me. Last week i was in Penang and my eyes really bigger than my belly. Hahahahahaha.....I really fancy to eat anything delicious. You know that? Oh...you should know that. As a result, i'm getting fat. I'm really worried about my shape now. I have to do something, maybe stop to eat rice for a month to get back my shape (shitt like girl lah pulak. Hahaha). Yes, if girl want to maintain their shape, guy also want to maintain their shape. Don't you think so? I think so. Ok...so...here are some of my other foods during in Penang. Very....wow.

my dessert...very, very delicious and fattening

Roasted Salmon Fish

Roasted Salmon Fish with prawns, but i don't eat the prawns.

Salmon Fish (they look like flower) this one is the most expensive among them all

Prawns, my friends ate them

Chicken Satay


jcyboy said...

salmon fish is very healthy...should eat more but expensive

Andrik McVean said...

can't eat always..nanti bankrupt!!

Etavasi said...

Eeeee Sadap oh... minta :D

Lorraine said...

Yummy! * tummy growls *

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