Friday, 30 May 2008

A wonderful dinner at E&O hotel

Yohhh....once again i had my dinner in the E&O hotel. that time. I didn't eat for a day because i decided to have my dinner in the E&O hotel. So..??? what else? i just drink plenty of water for the day to avoid me feel so hungry. Well....since the price is a bit expensive, i must eat more to make sure my money worth with the foods. This are part of what i had in that hotel. The rest I will post later. Because i need to compress them all, otherwise my blog became "heavy". So...anywhere guys, here are them.....yummmmmyyyy....

My friend's salmon fish..he asked additional prawns

the presentation also very nice

Yeah....reserved to Andrik...heheh

My fav salmon fish...very expensive

Look..they are so fresh salmon fish

Haha...this is some vegetables, friend mee, rice, beef, etc...don't remember the other...but i mixed them all


As a result.....i'm getting fat!!!


eedany said...

ya ampun... sadap2 jak makanan ko ni andrik!

makan sikit inda bikin gumuk bah! Yang penting makan untuk hidup. Bukan hidup untuk makan...

gumuk pun hensem jugak! Inda percaya tanya lah si tolundus!


Andrik McVean said...

ya butul...makan untuk hidup...heheheheh....gumuk sudah sia nie eedany. makin berat sudah..

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