Sunday, 25 May 2008

Ulasan AF6 konsert 9 (Final) - Second round-

Ok...lets me continue for second round. Here are some of my comments...

Uch...a bit flat!!! sorry to say...i have to say he sang this song mostly mendatar. Mmmm...the second performance very 'karaokeish'. However he looks energetic and vocally just ok. Nothing special. One more time Adlin shited him. Pity him.
Score: 7/10

What can i said? OMG....the song really nice. I have to respect to the composer of the song. It was really nice and i really adore the song. I guarantee, his song will be very popular soon. Very, very nice song. I watched his performance many..many times on youtube. Very, very nice song. Nubhan shows his uniqueness last night with the song. The song 101% suit with his vocal. Anywhere, i have no bad comments on him, the only thing i can said is wonderful, touching my feeling and LOVE it...
Score: 8.5/10

Ishhh......i really hate her conversation with AC. Gedik tul.....
Mmmm....She sang the song powerfully. Vocally, as usual good. I have to make comparison Nadia with Ayu (OIM). Their vocal, i this in the same range. Both of them has a big voice. But i 100% prefer Ayu (OIM), because Ayu sings songs very natural and very, very smooth. But even though vocal nadia also big but dia tak nyanyi ikhlas. I can see persembahan dia dibuat-buat. I mean the feeling is not there. One more ting Ayu (OIM) nyanyi tidak memaksa, but Nadia push her vocal so much.
Score: 7.8/10

Riz was really wonderful performance from Riz. Vocally very romantic and i really like his performance last night. Kemerduan suara Riz really touched me. He sang the high note fantastically and clearly. Very, very wonderful. He really nailed the song and i'm very sure he will be like Anuar Zain or Hazami soon.
Score: 9/10

OMG!!!....datuk and nenek yang tengah makan di warung pak kiah semalam pun terpegun. more time she nailed the song. Stacy was perfect last night and she gave very wonderful performance. With the dance, vocal and the song. Everything is solid. One more thing, I love her new song. I watched many times on youtube and still like it.
Score: 10/10

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