Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Nice beaches in Penang

Still about my vacation in Penang last week. I really adore Penang so much at this moment. So much things to discover at there. Some of them are beaches and the islands. I been some of them, they are really nice. As promised i'll be back to Penang again soon. But one thing, really disappointed me because i can't fly to Langkawi from Penang because of some reasons. Luckily I didn't buy the ticket early, otherwise i will be so sad (twice because ticket will burn). So here are some of my pictures about the beauty of beaches at Batu Ferringgi in Penang.

white beach plus with the "beach entertainment"

A very wonderful evening, a beach cowboy is riding the horse

the beauty of the beach

releasing my tension

A wonderful sceneries with sunset

1 comment:

jcyboy said...

wah...what a wonderful evening you have there...

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