Thursday, 29 May 2008

Me and the beaches in Penang

I can't deny the beauty of beaches in Penang. So for this post between me and the beaches in penang. What ever lah kan? As long as i enjoyed my holiday very much. Even though one person only but i still like it and i never feel bored even in single moment. Very nice weather, beaches and the sceneries also "fomida". So here are the pictures..
Alamak....terlebih sudah!!!

Once again..if you want sun is your place

the beauty of beach in penang

Para shoot!!!!!

Ops its me..sitting on the rock


Andrik McVean said...

andrik...alamat mimang terlebih suda gambar ko tuh...hehhe

jcyboy said...


tolundus said...

pewiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.. macho aper.. hehe

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