Saturday, 3 May 2008

Ulasan AF6 konsert 7

Hello are u all? hopefully everything is going well. I'm here still busy with my final exam and still busy with my thesis. You may want to see my research paper here. I working with "him" and struggling very, very hard for him. You know why? because 6 credit hours bah. Anywhere friends, now is 6.10 in the morning and i just got up actually. I went to my bed at 6 pm yesterday and OMG...when i got up it was 40 past 5. So i started up my beloved "machine" and browsed youtube site. Because i want to see the AF concert. So I'm happy when i know Alif was eliminated last night. Well...maybe based on his performance, he deserve to get one more week...but..."NO MERCY" anymore. So here are my hot comments about 7th concert. I started randomly:

Yeah this little girl bombed the istana budaya last night. That was very good performance. And to be honest, even though i'm not her fan, i still love his performance. I have no detail comment about her lah. O ya...only one actually, I really don't like her pronunciation and a bit sengau lah. Well...actually she memang sengau kan? i think so. But vocally very good and the performance also she got her own class.
SCORE: 8.7/10

Wowww.....that was a very energetic performance stanly. I really like and love it so much. After 5 weeks your performance was bad lastly last night you prove to all Malaysian that you could really sing. Good...good!!! love it. But one thing as usual lah, I really don't like the way you pronounce the word. Kalau nadia sengau, you masa nyanyi seems like you there is something in your mouth. Gosh!!!! very disappointed me that part. However..I really enjoy your was really entertaining.
SCORE: 7.8/10

Nubhan nubhan. Gosh!! the drama was really funny. And salute to them because such a very romantic. the performance. Yeah..i really like it. Very good performance even though seems like at part2 yang tinggi hampir tergelincir but still good. that is my opinion lah. And i have to agree some bloggers said his uniques. Yeah..i saw it last night. Yes i have to agree with ning..real Nubhan was out. Mmmm.....the song also actually very good bah kan? Well...entirely, I still give him very good point.

OK..OK now this guy...he was struggled at the beginning of the song and also part2 yang tinggi. It was really suck. I really don't like it and i really feel like i want to cut his gigi jongang. LOL! OMG!!!! kalau alif out of tune last few concert last night was Toi. Gosh..and then his alunan suara pun just like ugly duck and then his performance also quite bored. then he put up his hand? at the end of his performance?? thats suck...memang he doesn't have the X-factor wanted by Malaysian. I really wonder how can he entered to AF. Anywhere..totally RUBBISH!!!
SCORE: 4.3/10

If i not mistaken, the key has been lowed lah kan? i think lah. Masa part chorus he looks so relax and if i not mistaken he suppose to struggle kan? mmmm....anywhere his performance just OK and yes i have to agree with the first judge macam band boy lah. Just like performance tempat kawin. clip like yang murah-murah. Betul Rozana langsung tak dashat and nothing special. Yucks.....!!!

Stacy stacy. One more time she gave me impressed with her performance. You know what? last week when i knew she got CT's song i thought she will failed. Based on the previous students all were failed. Betul know why? because candy bawa lagu CT kureng, farhan and akma also failed bought CT's song. But stacy...she did it very good and with her own style. I really would like to bet with nadia..if she got stacy's song....maybe she couldn't sing as good as stacy. Yeah...really. Even though not the best performance from stacy but i still adore the performance and really like it. I can say new version for the song. BUT!!! again..adlin dah tak der bender nak komen and he commented the gaun..BODOH punya adlin!!! what more concert punya energy??? takkan die bak stacy terhinjut-hinjut dengan lagu yang lemah gemelai mcm tuh...thats really suck.
SCORE: 8.7/10

Yeah...memang bodoh lokanan yang first was a very good voice projection. as usual he did it very good again. Actually one of his x-factors is merdu lah suara dia kan? and he looks so relax with the song..agree with me? U have to agree me. was a romantic performance from him. One more time from adlin "walaupun saya tak minat potongan badan awak"...don't you all think that was a really suck performance???? takkan because of his potongan badan adlin tak suka??? BODOH!!! Anywhere i really love his performance
SCORE: 8.7/10

Student yang sepatutnya terkeluar is Toi....his performance was suck. Anywhere Alif also actually deserve to voted out. Congrates to Alif and to Tio...i really hope you will be eliminated next week.


Kos Serani said...

i agreed with U Adlin tu memang patut komen persembahan...tapi yg dia lari keluar tajuk start minggu lepas lagi komen baju Stacy.
adlin X boleh suruh org ramai tepuk...lepas tu...suruh org tepuk sorak dua kali utk Nadia. It's unfair. Bukan salah Nadia...but salah Adlin,biar org natural tepuk...bukan paksa mcm tu...X adil utk pelajar yg lain.Aku nak hantar komen X puas hati pada Astro.Hari tu Stacy perform very good lagu Gwen...nape dia X suruh org tepuk dan sorak?Dia ada Fav student maybe???

Andrik McVean said...

yes...i do agree with you..adlin tuh memang really suck..nampak sangat dia tak adil. and nampak sangat dia suka judge...he cannot shows his fav bah. he support to be fair to all students...and then komen like he can sing...GOSH!!! one more time...Adlin is FUCK!!!

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