Thursday, 9 September 2010

Chatting with my nieces on Skype

my nieces
me...still on the sofa

Oh I miss my family already even all though we have been separated for only a few days. Today was the first time I've chatted with them on Skype and it was 3.30 pm in Malaysia and 8.30 am here in the UK. Ha!!! I've just got up that time and they rang my laptop and i was half asleep. I opened my eyes and i saw a little pop up window said mawarina rampun is calling you.

Should be thank full with now days technologies. Skype enables the people around the world connected no matter where ever they are as long as they are connected with the internet.

Today i have to get ready for my niece and her friends coming to London. I need to make a schedule for them so they know what they going to do everyday.

Am off now i need to get ready now...


Valsonz said...

Living in London sounds cool eh? haha..
I dnt knw when will i can be there..

harap2 ada chance melancong sana... haha

Andrik McVean said... day you will be able to go here...:)

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