Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wonderful view of Paris on top of Eiffel tower

Hello everybody..i am back from Paris a few days ago but i didn't have the time to upload those pictures straight on my blog. What i did was i uploaded them on my facebook. For those who have added me on facebook i am sure you have seen those pictures. But for those who have not seen them can see 'em now. Paris is really nice and a lovely city. When i was there....thousands of tourists visiting Paris and we were just a few of them. It costs 13 euro to get up on top of the tower. We paid the price but we got one of the most best views in our life so far. We just love it and i can tell the views were breath taking!!!!!!!!!!


SJB said...

Punya lah catik tu gambar. Mahu juga pigi Paris tapi entah bila :(.

Andrik McVean said...

paris is wonderful....

Mimi said...

Cool pictures! howcome u didn't post any of the Eiffel tower?

Eiffel tower restaurant Paris

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