Monday, 6 September 2010

It was a good bye party - the food

Chicken curry with potatoes

Ayam kampung nie..

Green vegetables cook with oyster sauce

Salted fish with white chilies

Fish cooked with honey spicy

It was the "first trip" of the dishes during my good bye party. I mean there were many but i didn't take the pictures for the others because i was busy chatting with my old friends who came in the party that night. Huh!!! It was a tiring party but i did enjoy it very much. Loved it so much especially the food. He..he..he...

I am so keen to cook those dishes in England but i could not find some of the main ingredients so it's' so difficult to make exactly the same taste. Anyway..i should post those pictures just after the party finished but i didn't have enough time for me. Huh....i was so busy and even when i was leaving Malaysia, i thought it was every way. I was not organised for what i was leaving.

One of the is a new recipe i've created. The last one!!!! It was very very tasty. They loved my cooking.


SJB said...

Pandai juga kau masak ah. Terliur saya tengok tu gambar. Terus teringat KK huhu.

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb- hahahaha..sedap bah..hahahahaha

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