Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Cooking at home

Mushrooms cooked with sausages with thick gravy

Wonderful bosou..

Fish cooked with Thai style

Rendang ayam masak sayur hijau

Am back after 6 days i disappeared from my blog and my world. I have been so busy with my family and i didn't even have time to look at my blog. Mmmmm.....i am currently at Concorde hotel at KLIA staying here for one night before heading up to London tomorrow afternoon. Days passed away and i didn't realize that i have to go back to London already. Yeah....that's how it has been. Mmm...I love cooking and i do cook a lot when i was in Sabah with my family. Even though i usually went out but half of the time i did cooking at home. Anyway, it's very nice to cook especially when your guests enjoyed the dishes. are some of the pictures were taken served to my family last week. They did enjoy it very very much...

OK, i gotta go now..and enjoy the pictures eh...


SJB said...

Terliur juga hahaha.

Andrik McVean said...

sadap nie...terutama tu bambangan sama tu bosou

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