Tuesday, 28 September 2010

White rice and your diet

I have read this link and here is my short and simple review about this article. Overall, the writer did make a comparison with other foods such as pasta and bread with rice explaining that rice is still the best. In fact, it does say shortly why white rice is the best cryohydrate in a weight loss diet. However, it does not clarify how white rice as being hypo-allergenic, easily assimilated, and energetically neutral of the grains can be the best cryohydrate in diet. Someone who is on diet I guess wants to know about these facts more and how they benefits to human’s body.

In addition, the fourth paragraph the writer suggests not having too much rice as it is not a good idea. In my opinion, the writer should write this down in the first paragraph because the reader might feels cheated by this article after all the nice things about rice explained in the first paragraph. In fact the first paragraph says you can have it all day and every day but the fourth paragraph says it is not a good idea having rice too much.

Moreover the article supposes to concentrate on the benefits of rice in diet instead of including a few unnecessary things the story of people in china fed with rice. I don’t think this is something that the writer should include in the article. Other than that, there is no conclusion in this article to emphasis one more time about how good white rice is in diet.

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