Saturday, 11 September 2010

Overnight at Concorde hotel KLIA

My nephew. He came after he finished his job at 7 am. He rushed to the hotel and we had breakfast then took me to the airport.

In the morning i was going to the airport. You can see i am tired here.


I didn't sleep well that time. I had 1.5 hours

Those pictures were taken when i was staying at KLIA for my next journey to London. I was really tired that time. I could stay overnight at the airport but i was so tired and i realised there were few valuable things with me that time and i didn't want to take the risk. I stayed at Concorde Inn KLIA and not far from the airport. My niece and nephew can't take me at the airport to their flat in Serdang because they were working at night shift that time. So..that's why i decided to stay overnight at this hotel. It was okay but for the price i've piad i think it was a bit expensive. Mmmm...because for the price i've paid i had better accomodation. But what to say? Anything near by airports are expensive. The hotel does not impressed me :(


Eric Constantine said...

nothing is cheap nowadays. i guess we should do backpacker style next time or buat khemah at the have fun kio.

Andrik McVean said...

semua mahal mahal gaman....susah mau cari murah..apa lagi benda2 yang di jual di airport

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