Thursday, 9 September 2010

The end of story Luca Lucas - serve him right

"Kotoh" tu mr. Luca Lucas or click here about him. Ha..ha...ha...serve him right for what he did to Sabah or even Sabahan. Serve him right!!!!!! Fuck him off!!!! this basterd guy should not be living in Malaysia which is prectising 1Malaysia concept. Anyway..the moral value from the story is "DON'T PLAY PLAY WITH SABAHAN" or in proper english "DON'T MESSED UP WITH SABAHAN". Credit

p/s: his true name is Mohamed Saufee bin Sehat (tak sihat pun budak nie...)


SJB said...

Nah kotoh! sampai masuk news paper bah.

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb-tu lah...baru padan muka dia..hahahah

~felicia~ said...

inda tau pla sa pasal kes c luca ne sampai masuk news..kotoh nogi..sepa gia suruh melampau & racist...telingung!!

Andrik McVean said...

felicia-sy pun inda tau pasal nie urang nie....masa di uk baru sy tau nie benda

Jamie John G said...

doi gia - for the life of me, i rather fly 2 singapore den risk driving/riding thru Johor. But dis Lucas i tell you... make me wanna go drop by and carik him - sabak koh noh.

dia org gomen lagi tu. haha - Mcm gomen mo menang 2011 General Election skrg sebab durang employ budak cam ni. hihihi - i dont think his apology is enuf oh.

Dia mo kana appear di KK nih di redsquare and face Sabahans in real life to apologise. Padannnnn muka.

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