Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spiderman lost his way on the road in london

That's the spiderman trying to promote his pizza

Hi there i am back with a picture which i taken on our back from Oxford. It was rush hour and we were on our way driving back to London. It was so funny how this guy was trying to promote his pizza. He has to wear a spiderman custom to get the drivers' attention or who ever passed by this road. So many weird things could happen in UK huh? My previous post was about two different pieces of house on two different lorries. But this one is about this guy who is trying to promote his pizza to the folks on the road.
BTW, i am still in Paris at the time you are reading this post. Enjoying myself in Paris and of course the effiel tower (did i spell it corrently?)......i will be back in a few days time to London...bye folks..stay in touch with me with more pictures from London....


SJB said...

Ambil perhatian bah tu hehehe tapi lucu.

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb-iya bah....mau minta ambil perhatian

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