Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My trip to Scotland

Very tidy and clean
Lovely city
the street in Edinburgh

Me in front of the castle

Love this one

For those who have been to Scotland especially in Edinburgh then i's sure you know have seen all those pictures. But for those who haven't..then here is the time to take a look some parts of the city. Ha..ha...ha...a friend of mine told me that this city is older than Cardiff and London and yes i agree with him. I can tell the truth from the buildings ages. I felt like i went back to 500 years ago when i was there. But the city was really clean and hardly you can litters/rubbish. I wish KL is like that. Anyway..i was in Scotland last week and actually was going to climb a mountain however due to bad weather condition, i had to cancel it. I arrived at the basement about 10 am and it was so misty, raining, windy and cold. My friend did not recommend to climb the mountain because it was too dangerous. Anyway..at least i've seen Edinburgh city and it was really lovely. I had fantastic 4 months holiday and now i am busy with my study. It starts today and my brain and body is still on holiday. I should get my ass off to the class soon..hahahahaha...


SJB said...

Cantik tu last picture.

Andrik McVean said...

lawa tu gambar dia kan

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