Friday, 24 September 2010

Picture of Oxford University

We loved Oxford University

I don't really have enough time to publish many pictures of my niece and her friends' vacation in London and Paris. Well, i will publish more pictures soon as i am so busy at the moment. I have just finished climbing a mountain in Wales this afternoon and it was really cold up there. In fact, the wind was very strong blowing and it was heavy rain. But i managed to reach the top and get down back lol!. is a picture of me and my girls when we were in Oxford. Wow...lovely city to visit of course and never regret it. I love the old buildings and the gardens in Oxford. I love the people in the University because they welcomed us just like we are a part of the staffs. Oppsss...i need to go to bed now as tmrw is another journey..i am going to Scotland tmrw. See u folks xx

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