Thursday, 23 September 2010

The unbeatable Bambangan of Sabah in London

The night after
The night before

The unbeatable bambangan and and very eat with a nice dish makes you want to eat all the time. The is the power of bambangan. It encourages you to just eat and eat. But i love bambangan that is why i made the effort to take some bambangan from sabah before i get back to England. I managed to bring some with me even though i took the risk to put them in my suitcases. Wow....i was so worried the container might breaks and stain my shirts. But everything was safe and fine. Last night i had bambangan as a part of my meal and when i got up this morning i had rice and boiled egg as breakfast (i know it's very unusual for breakfast) and of course bambangan. I love bambangan and always love it. I grew up with bambangan and 15 years ago when i'm hungry i used to eat rice and only bambangan because we were poor. Long story how bosou, bambangan and tuhau becomes a part of my life. I always love it!!!!!

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