Thursday, 2 September 2010

This how my hearts are (wish i could have many hearts)

My heart is burnt and broken..

Updating my blog from the coffee bean shop at 15 minutes i will be going on the plane. Huh..i wish it was a business class cabin. LOLZ!!! I am going to hate the journey because it's too long. OMG!!!! Bloody hell!!!! I heart is breaking because something happened and i am so sad going back to the UK now. I wish i could cancel the flight and not going back to the UK anymore. But i have to go back there..i know my future will start at there. So that's why i have to go back to England. I hope to have a safe and pleasant journey. I am very sad...and fucking sad. I'm not in mood to do anything......i am has been 3 days in a row i had 1.5 hours sleep. I hope i can sleep on the plane for at least 80% of the journey. Mmmm......


Alv0808 said...

Have a safe journey..God bless

Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

Dude, wats up wit the pic? Ayam kampung kena sembelih tuk menjadi santapan sebelum ke UK?

p/s: Sup ayam kg mmg sedap

Andrik McVean said... was an ok journey

@ryuzaki..ya loh....ayam kampung sedap bah hahahah

SJB said...

Tidur sebanyak yang boleh. Take care.

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