Saturday, 18 September 2010

I feel jealous

This picture is taken from nuffnang and please click the picture to enlarge

I feel so jealous ....well...of course i am not. But i feel so proud of them because of the effort and their blogs, popularity. Wowo...what the heck. For those who can read Malay i am sure will surprised about how people make online income from just doing blogging. This is really nice and amazing. Some bloggers in Malaysia for example could earn up to RM10k a month which is 2000 pounds a month. Not too bad if you live in the UK but you are incredibly have a very good income if you live in Malaysia. Well, i know blogging is not easy but at least you have the freedom of working. I mean you can update your blog anytime and anywhere without worrying being "snatched" by your Boss. Nuffnang really opened the chance of working from home with your hobby in Malaysia and of course thanks to Nuffnang!!!!

Cheers and am off to do a mountain in Wales this week end.

1 comment:

SJB said...

Kalau rajin apa apa pun boleh :).

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