Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Kinabalu lodge restaurant. It's steam board time

My nephew is scooping his part

I fucking love this picture

It's my turn..lolz

The dinner

My niece is doing it

Well, well well...this is another update before am going to bed. I am tired as i just got back frm KK and now i am in KLIA staying with one of the near by hotels and now resting myself. It's 3.42 am and i really should have a rest for the long journey tmrw but i don't really care about it so i can sleep on the plane tmrw. It's was very sad and tiring for me. Arghhh...I just want to have some rest but i cannot do brain is very very active working and digesting something. Holly shit!!!!!! I hate this because it happened to me before. But never mind. This is life....and i must go..i know my strength. I am experienced to cope with all these.

OK, ok...steam boarding time eh. After my tiring week end in KM with my, niece and nephew decided to have something different. I drove the can from KM heading to Ranau but dropped off in Kundasang for this delicious dinner. was too big i guess for 3 of us. I could not finish it. Mmmm......

It was nice having a very very hot dinner ina cold night weather in Kundasang. Loved it so mcuh!

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SJB said...

I love steam boat.

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