Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cnicht Mountain, mission accomplished

It was windy, rainy and misty

I believe i can fly

My course will start next in a few days time and i am trying to utilize my few days to enjoy myself or at least doing my hobby. I knew how busy myself would be next week. Huh..i knew exactly what am i going to do. But never mind because i will finish my master next year in june and not long to go. Then i should be start thinking what am i going to do. PHD or a Job. Well....let's do my master first. I did climb this mountain this today and i feel a bit exhausted now updating my blog. The path or track was not difficult but the weather was terrible. It was misty, windy and heavy rain but i did enjoy it and i did like it. For those who want to do mountain climbing i recommend this is one of my top ten choice in Wales.

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