Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Street entertainers at London eye

Big hands gold man

How to spell it?? Cally Chaplin???

The scary silver lady

Hey..we went up to Big Ben and crossed the river through the bridge (pardon i forgot the name of the bridge). Went to London eye but we didn't go up but passed it by and we found those beautiful street entertainer. One pound each they put into their coin basket. Three acts means three pounds have been donated. Well, it was all right because first time to see those kind of act. But the most important is the act and of course the pictures because its mean so much to them the pictures. We did a lot of walk during the first day and they were exhausted. Ha...ha...ha...but they did enjoy it very much of course.

Man!!! at he time you are reading this post i am in Scotland doing some climbing and will be back to London in a few days time. I can't wait the course to start as my brain needs something to digest. Huuuuu.....going to bed now folks and see u again very soon. Bye xx

a chicken wing gets hot when you turn it on


jcyboy said...

wow...they look lovely...

Andrik McVean said...

i love the silver lady a lot :)

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