Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Unduk ngadau 2011 final : My top 5

Miss beaufort

Miss Ranau
Miss tanjung Aru
Miss Tuaran
Miss Likas

First of all credit to GOGDS photography. I am sorry because i don't know where to refer because i got it from my friend's facebook. But i didn't remove the watermark so my readers know where these pictures were taken. Anyway..that's my predictions to be in top five a.k.a final. Miss Beaufort and ranau look so gorgeous. Bet, hey..hang on..look at miss likas and tanjung aru...they look so tall and could be the package to lead one of them to be the next unduk ngadau. But don't forget the miss tuaran..she has a beautiful face and a unique shape. Don't forget her smile..could be her main weapon the blow away the other four finalists. Well, well, well,,,,am in the UK and wish i was in Sabah watching this competition in flesh. Mmmmmm.....
My difficult to say but unduk ngadau ranau might be the winner followed by unduk ngadau Likas or beaufort. We will see who will be the in the top 3.

1 comment:

Nor Fadila Rosli said...

serious!they are so gorgeous!

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